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Painting and Interior Decor Ideas

Owning a house comes with the responsibility of making sure it is freshly painted. This may not be the most fun activity, but it is a necessary one nonetheless. Painting is how you can have the house looking different from what it was before. In the modern choices, the painting shall be made to be more fun to behold. Here are some painting ideas to help you achieve an excellent look for your house.
You should take time to get the house prepared for the painting work that is coming up. You will thus have to clean the walls, apply painter’s tape, and wear appropriate clothing. You can then get started in the painting process.
There is the trend of texturizing the walls which you can adapt. To achieve that effect, you can go for some specialized brushes and rollers. You can also decide to do rag rolling, marbling, and stippling with multiple colors, to get that effect done.
There is also the option to create a mural. You shall thus manage to express yourself uniquely, and to also allow your guests to have a good view of it. This shall be your chance to do some artwork if you are so inclined, for all to see. This can be applied to the whole room.
There is the idea of painting the floors. You can do so on the hardwood or concrete floors. Choose a paint that complements the one on the walls. You can even pattern the look to match that of a tiled floor, or some other pattern.
As for the walls, there are so many patterns you can choose to have there. You can go for as many as stripes, waves, polka dots, or an abstract style. These are guaranteed to add some life into the room. There is a wide selection that shall allow you to make the room playful, serious, and any shade in between. When it comes to kids rooms, you can go for bold and playful patterns, but tone it down when dealing with adult rooms.
There is also the inclusion of accent walls. These are becoming popular, and make for a great style statement in a living room. You can use it to hang pieces of art or photography.
You may also consider taking up the idea of color blocks for the walls. This retro style is also making a comeback, and shall also add lots of color and energy in any room. By using painter’s tape, the lines for the coloring shall fit well.
You will discover more tips to rely on in the painting, the moment you get into the mood for painting. There is a need for you to like what the outcome shall be. On this site, you will learn more about how to manage the interior design issues you shall encounter later.