What You Should Know About This Year

Legalize Marijuana and Boost the Revenues.

Marijuana is a weed that is used by many to relieve stress or depression however marijuana has helped in treating many conditions. Marijuana compared to alcohol and tobacco is said to be safer and more useful as it has fewer side effects. Tobacco and alcohol is said to be harmful to our health but marijuana is safe and very effective since it takes care of any sort of deadly conditions in the body.

People who use marijuana tend to lead a healthy life compared to those of alcohol and tobacco as this weed doesn’t have any caffeine like tobacco does and it doesn’t have any harmful ingredients like alcohol does which makes it 100 percent safe to use. With marijuana you will never experience any health complications and according to health experts. However anything overdose is dangerous thus marijuana if taken responsibly chances are the victims will have a prolonged healthy life ahead. Cannabis should be legal as it acts like herbal medicine whereby it kills cancer cells prevents depression also gets rid of antioxidants. Shocking news is that marijuana heals hundreds of diseases and also prevents the body from any harmful attacks that tend to occur time and time again.

Many cannabis users are big people who tend to have great jobs and if at all this thing can be legalized more revenue can be made out of the marijuana market. Mark you many marijuana users tend to use it on a daily basis more so not once in a day and they do it secretly in the fear of being held up. What if marijuana was legalized? More revenue would be collected than how it is through tobacco and alcohol. People use tobacco daily and it is more harmful and we all know its effects and many have suffered due to the usage of tobacco. Marijuana is safe and very healthy since it can treat more than 100 diseases in the body.

There are many reasons why marijuana should be legal first it is all natural and second it has more health benefits and third it can boost the revenue. If the state can only allow that to happen it’d benefit a lot in tax charges as many prefer using marijuana than alcohol and tobacco. Many have seen the side effects of alcohol and tobacco and the high rate of death caused by tobacco users have raised a huge alarm to many making marijuana the safe substance to use for people with that urge. Marijuana is said to be growing fast in the market as the demand is very high even without the legalization now imagine if it could be legalized don’t you think it would create more job opportunities in the state.