Technology Has Introduce Samsung Pay vs Apple Pay New Trends

Samsung pay vs Apple Pay
Both payment options are easily available nowadays. These are basically payment options by using your smartphone that make mobile payments possible in a most secured way. The difference between Samsung and Apple pay is technology. If we talk about the first one, specifically used for Samsung devices, it works on MST technology. This technology is used for all Android devices. Its biggest competitor in the market when we compare it with apple group which is used for Apple devices through IOS technology.

IOS just reinvented a new methodology of paying at the spot without any cash which is very popular among users. By using your smartphone just you need to download the app and get the login id along with an 8 digit password. For sure this is one of the most secure methods and one can make it more secure, by taking different options in the category of password options like face detection and fingerprint privacy technique. There is no hard and fast formula to adopt it because it’s very easy with only a few steps to add a card to your payment account.

The account being used for a payment option whether it’s a Samsung or Apple account, mostly it is available through your respective bank. By using your smartphone to pay for all kinds of products and other purchases through this payment option, it is like a simple, fast and secure option. This payment option even more secure than having a credit card option. For a credit card, you have a specific card number that can be traced or can be hacked when you will give it to your waiter or another person for bills payment.

Types of technologies used for payment methods
Modern means are increasing day by day and improvement can be seen in the form of latest technological reforms being provided by different mobile companies. Here we are going to discuss some of the key features of Samsung pay technology and apple technology. We have mentioned above clearly that Samsung group majorly works on android system and apple group used IOS technology.
When we talk about payment methods, basically two latest technologies are used by these two major groups which are – MST Technology (Magnetic Secure Transmission) and NFC Technology.

The first one is basically an older scheme for payment options but still used for most of the devices and is quite useful also. MST stands for “magnetic secure transmission,” and only used by Samsung phones. In past, MST was quite famous for its mobile payment methods. We will try to explain the complete functions and methodology on which it works which is very simple and smooth. This technology involves a tiny metal coil fixed into a loop. When electricity passes through the coil, it creates a magnetic field that can make it possible to talk to the standard magnetic credit card being provided by any banking institution or from a private firm.
One can also take the services of a bank to used Samsung or Apple pay options.