Create Your Own Forum With This New Private Communities Platform

Creating your own forum has now become much easier with the launch of the platform ArmorForums. It is suitable for any kind of community whether you want to start dialogs, vote for ideas, connect with your clients, team, community or friends. The website allows you to create a private discussion forum which you can manage and control with ease.

ArmorForums is not starting a new kind of service on the market. There are a lot of websites providing online forum services for free, so this platform has a lot of competitors already filling the “make a forum website” niche. What makes this application different is that the forum you create is private. This means that users without registration can not read the contents of the forum. And you can further secure your online community by tweaking the settings and permissions. The ArmorForums software provides different scenarios for the joining of new members. You can configure the registration to specific people, approve new members, invite users by email and other specifications.

For the content posting functionality, the forum has a very well separated and convenient structure. The main blocks at the top of all posts are the categories. They are the foundation items which would categorize large groups of content. After that you can organize different boards into each category to further sort the posts. In the boards users can create their own threads, which are the main content of any forum. Inside them, replies are posted to discuss and provide opinion for the main topic. This kind of forum structure provides a lot of flexibility and separation for different related content.

To fight competitors, the free version of ArmorForums provides a lot of value with its limitations. Usually the forum websites limit the amount of members, pageviews, threads, etc. As you can imagine this can awfully undermine the entire forum use for you and your users. With the free plan of ArmorForums the only limits will be on the number of categories and boards you can create in your forum website. The users won’t be limited in any way to join the forum, browse and post new content.

To remove the ads and limitations of the free plan you can subscribe to the premium plan. The payment methods available are flexible with banking card or PayPal account which will be automatically billed every month. At any given time you will be able to cancel your subscription (billing cycle) and prevent any further charges. The payments dashboard provides detailed information about the subscription and monthly PDF invoice downloads.